Friday, May 13, 2011

Ashton Kutcher BURNS Charlie Sheen for role on Two and a Half Men.

Micheal Kelso is back.... well sort of. It was announced today that Ashton Kutcher will replace Charlie Sheen on the hit TV show Two and a Half Men. Warner Brothers ,the company that produces the show, fired Charlie Sheen mid-season after his many issues on and off the set.

In my opinion, this marks the beginning of the end for TV's #1 sitcom. Many thought that while Sheen was a great nuisance, that he would eventually be hired back.With the hire of Ashton Kutcher however it appears that Charlie's run on the show has officially come to an end. With Sheen being the predominate character on the show, in what direction is the show going to go. How will they explain Sheen's character's sudden disappearance on the show?

Very few shows and no sitcoms that I can recall have lasted more than one or two seasons with such a pivotal part(s) of the cast absent. Both Charlie and Ashton have experienced this. After Micheal J. Fox's departure from Spin City at the end of the 4th season, Sheen was hired to replace Fox's role on the show as a new character. Following Fox's departure other cast members left the show and the show ended after if 6th season. Ashton Kutcher along with Topher Grace decided to leave the hit sitcom That 70's Show at the end of the seventh season to pursue other projects. The show lasted only one more season before being canceled.

Shows can never be the same after the the main character decides to leave or, in Charlie Sheen's case , gets the boot. It would be better for the show to end right then instead of trying to continue by adding a new character ( Drew Carrey and The Price is Right). Can Ashton Kutcher and the producers of Two and A Half Men break the trend and extended the show run for more than 2 seasons? Only time will tell.

This will mark Ashton Kutcher's first return to sitcom since the finale That 70's Show, the show that made Kutcher a household name. No word yet in what role Ashton will play on the show.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No If's And's or But's, Limbaugh is a Racist.

"I still want Obama to fail" (Click here for video)Once again Rush Limbaugh takes another shot at Obama and at African Americans. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I entitled to mine Rush Limbaugh is a complete racist. He tried to hide his dislike for President Obama because Obama is a democrat but what Rush says goes way over the line. Some of the racist comments that Rush has said about Obama and other black people in the past is totally uncalled for and completely offends me as an African American.

Now I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I would say I am a moderate. I'm not trying to straddle the fence but there are honestly issues that I agree with Democrats with while there are other issues that I side with democrats with. I will go into detail about this in a later post.

Anyways to continue I do not dislike Rush Limbaugh because he is a Republican. I dislike him for his blatant racist remarks. A top ten list of Limbaugh's most racist remarks can be found here. Not only has he made racist remarks towards President Obama but towards African American's in general. Now some things I can agree with. Some I repeat SOME black people are ignorant and lazy ( as with people of all colors are) but that does not give you the right to stereo type all African Americans as such.
To conclude, I feel personally offended by Rush Limbaugh's statements over the years and he should be idolized like he is by some today. Some of the things that he says even the ignorant racist kids on XBOX live would not even dare to say. He needs to seriously reflect on what he has said over the past and apologize for what he said but there will be ice skating in Hell when that happens.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The PSN Lockout

When we look back at 2011, the lockout that people will probably remember the most is the current NFL lockout, however to the many Playstation PS3 and PSP owners the lockout that will be most remembered this year is the Playstation Network (PSN) Lockout.

On April 20, Sony shut down the PSN network, leaving a message saying that it was currently under maintenance. This was thought to be a a short period of downtime as Sony updated the network. But hours turned into days and we were informed that this would not be a quick fix. We were later informed the following Monday, that someone had hacked into the PSN servers and could have possibly stolen the information (Credit Cards, Email) of over 70 million accounts. By far the biggest case of identity theft ever.

Ever since that Monday, we have been told by Sony numerous times as to when the network would be back up. They first said within a few days, then a week, and now there are rumors circulated that the network will not be up until May 30. This is absolutely ridiculous.

As a Sony fan, Im trying to stay patient and loyal, however, we should not have to wait another 3 weeks for such a huge feature on my gaming console. Not only are we not able to play games online but we are unable to watch movies and shows on our system using Hulu and Netflix because a PSN login is required. This is one of the main reason myself and others purchased a PS3 and until further notice, this feature is unavailable. Sony is losing many loyal fans from this fiasco and if things dont turn around soon they will lose one of their biggest fans ( myself).

At this point, I would not blame gamers to switch over to XBOX right now. What about the players who online play online games? Their system is pretty much a footstool. How is that fair to the consumer and how can a company be so neglectful to its customers.

It will take a huge effort by Sony to repair the damage that they have done in the last 3 weeks. I do not know what they can do, but it has to be big to retain their audience.

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